Monday, September 29, 2008

Internet mogul puts Lamborghini and 6-bedroom house on sale

The Internet has made a number of people millionaires, and Rick Hill is one of them. At 30, he has made enough money to own a six-bedroom home in Church Road, Hockley, and also a Lamborghini Gallardo. However, with enough money in a fat bank account he has decided to retire and quit the rat race. What’s more, his 6-bedroom house and the Lamborghini I just spoke about are on sale, for he wants to just relax and savor languorous moments for the rest of his life. The gorgeous lawns in front of the stately house and an idyllic setting are in fact worth more than the house and the car themselves! Any sane person worth a million pounds would definitely find the deal attractive. The house has all the modern amenities and comes with a conservatory, indoor swimming pool, gym and, of course, a game room. The house and the car package is being sold at a price of £1,150,000. from.

Swarovski studded Samsonite Black Label dazzles for attention

Apart from stuffing your clothes and shoes, another fundamental function of a suitcase is to safeguard your precious belongings from prying eyes and hands. However, the dazzling version of Samsonite’s Black Label crosses its role of a protector and calls for a bodyguard to ensure its safety. Partnering with Swarovski, Samsonite has revamped the 1920’s trunk to cater to the needs of bling-seeking travelers. Every inch of this case has been generously caked with shimmering Swarovski rhinestones that will succeed in grabbing every co-traveler’s attention. So whether it is stuffed or empty, the crystal-studded luggage itself calls for high-security service. Folks itching to take hold of this limited edition luggage can try their luck as only 30 such bags are available. Though no word on pricing, by the look of this luggage, I’m sure you’ll need to go shopping for it with a suitcase stuffed with hard cash. from.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

GT5P Pod - A pricey toy to chase speeding obsession

Racing into the virtual world, we have featured numerous simulators that are customized and modified to satiate the hunger and desire of those seeking the ultimate in the speeding arena. The latest is the GT5P Pod that is believed to be one of a kind. Fitted with a 40″ LCD and a PS3 with DFGT, this cockpit is estimated to crash into your vault to rip off about $15,000. from.

Trident Iceni – A green speeding sports car for $150,000

Terms like “luxury” and “eco-friendly” seem to be getting along better these days as we see them coming under one roof to render the most opulent yet green alternatives. The Trident Iceni highlights the clever fusion of these two features. Designed and manufactured by Phil Bevan, it is empowered by a Duramax turbo diesel engine with 550 horsepower at 3800 rpm. This enables the Iceni to zoom off to over 200 miles per hour. Also it can cover 2,000 miles on a full-fueled tank. This green two-seater sports car can go from 0-60mph in less than 4 seconds and deliver up to 100mpg. from.

Viper - Planar’s DLP HD projector creeps in to your home theater

The Black Viper slithers in from the house of Planar. Exclusively designed to find a place in your den, Planar’s Viper was specifically engineered to render unparalleled HD performance on really large screens (larger than 110 inches). Tweaked with a three-chip DLP, it also packs 10-bit independent dual image processing, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio (at 2,000 lumens of brightness), and 1280 X 720p resolution for a 110-inch screen. Developed with Texas Instruments, the projector also promises to bring out the best black level reproduction for a front projector anywhere. If you dare to tame this Viper, then let me warn you about its stinging price tag of $15,500. That amount just for a projector has left me lifeless. from.

Hermes and Didier launch H Box, the nomadic artcraft

Art has usually been unavailable to people isolated from urban centers. We are talking about high art, which gets showcased only in major world capitals. On this note, fashion brand Hermes and architect Didier Fiuza Faustino have unveiled an artcraft, the H Box. This high-art mobile museum is a nomadic object, which was inspired by 1970s spacecrafts. Inside the H Box one could watch art movies and avant garde productions by chic and noir directors and producers such as Su-Mei Tse, Yael Bartana, Dora García, Judit Kúrtag, etc. The H Box is flexible enough to travel around the world, figuratively of course, and the next stop seems to be Yokohama, Japan. from.

TouchTable TT45 redefines the way people view and distribute information

In this day and age, desktops, laptops, projection screens and projectors seem too passé at office meetings. The new generation of executives is enthralled by the touch-sensitive options for accessing, sharing and managing data. And here’s the TouchTable TT45 that niftily functions as a mobile presentation and input device. Featuring a 46-inch touch-sensitive table surface with 1920 x 1080 resolution, it renders easy access to the displayed information and menu system, allowing control of the discussion to flow naturally. A must-have for group discussions, this kind of shared experience increases each participants’ understanding, resulting in faster, more confident decision making. from.